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Hosei University (0)
Faculty of Law (68)
Faculty of Letters (72)
Faculty of Economics (73)
Faculty of Science and Engineering (83)
Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry (47)
Faculty of Engineering (0)
Faculty of Social Sciences (65)
Faculty of Business Administration (64)
Faculty of Intercultural Communication (47)
Faculty of Sustainability Studies (34)
Faculty of Social Policy and Administration (31)
Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences (24)
Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies (27)
Faculty of Engineering and Design (41)
Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (14)
Faculty of Sports and Health Studies (17)
Teacher-Training Center (0)
Hosei University Graduate School (16)
Hosei University Graduate School(Professional Schools) (36)
Institute of Nogaku studies (3)
Institute for Okinawan Cultural Studies (2)
Hosei University The Research Institute of Innovation Management (0)
Ohara Institute for Social Research Hosei University (4)
Institute of Comparative Economic Studies (3)
Japan Statistics Research Institute (0)
Boissonade Institute of Moderm law and Politics (0)
Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies (2)
Sports Research Center (1)
Hosei-University Extension-college of Lifelong-learning for Professionals (0)
Research Center of Ion Beam Technology (2)
Hosei University Center for International Japan-Studies (1)
Research Center for Micro-Nano Technology (0)
HOSEI University Center for Regional Research (0)
Institute for Sustainability Research (0)
Global Education Center (6)
Career Center (1)