Achievements of funded, joint or endowed research
Number of the published data : 4
No. Title of Achievements of funded,
joint or endowed research
Representative researcher Joint researchers Research period Type Form of research Achievement of research
1 Investigation of optical and structural properties of one- and two-dimensional nanocarbons functionalized by photoactive organic molecules
Naoki Komatsu

Funded research
International joint research

2 Clarification of novel magnetic switching phenomena in oxygen-adsorbed nanographite
Kazuyuki Takai
Vladimir Osipov
Joint research
International joint research

3 Investigation of Magnetic Properties of Detonation Nanodiamond

Endowed Research
Research commisioned by company

4 Magnetic interactions in the system of edge-localized spins in nanographene derived from nanodiamonds
Kazuyuki Takai
Vladimir Osipov, Artur Dideykin, Aleksandr Aleksenskii, Fedor Shakhov, Toshiaki Enoki, Masaki Ozawa, Manabu Kiguchi, Sintaro Fujii
Funded research
International joint research
The synthesis method toward high quality nanographene samples were established through the growth on nanodiamond surface, where oxygen-introduced graphene system was found as the promising candidate for functional materials.

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