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TAKAI Kazuyuki 

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Tokyo Institute of Technology  Department of Chemistry  Research Associate  2001/04/01-2007/03/31 
Tokyo Institute of Technology  Department of Chemistry  Assistant Professor  2007/04/01-2013/03/31 
Hosei University  Department of Chemical Science and Technology  Associate Professor  2013/04/01-2016/03/31 
Hosei University  Department of Chemistry  Professor  2016/04/01-Present 

Academic background
Tokyo Institute of Technology  Faculty of Science  Department of Chemistry  1996/03/31  Graduated 
Tokyo Institute of Technology  Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering  Department of Chemistry  Master course  1998/03/31  Completed 
Tokyo Institute of Technology  Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering  Department of Chemistry  Doctor course  2001/03/31  Completed 

Academic degrees
Doctor of Science  Tokyo Institute of Technology  2001/03/26 

Licenses and qualifications
高等学校教諭専修免許状(理科)  2001/01/11 

Research Areas
Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry 
Functional Material Chemistry 

Research keywords
Electron Transport 
Surface Science 
Physical Chemistry on Bio-system 

Achievements of funded, joint or endowed research
ナノグラフェンの水素製造触媒能力の評価  高井和之  2019-2020  Funded research  Research commisioned by company 
Investigation of optical and structural properties of one- and two-dimensional nanocarbons functionalized by photoactive organic molecules  Naoki Komatsu  2017-2019  Funded research  International joint research 
Clarification of novel magnetic switching phenomena in oxygen-adsorbed nanographite  Kazuyuki Takai  Vladimir Osipov  2017-2018  Joint research  International joint research 
Investigation of Magnetic Properties of Detonation Nanodiamond  2015-2018  Endowed Research  Research commisioned by company 
Magnetic interactions in the system of edge-localized spins in nanographene derived from nanodiamonds  Kazuyuki Takai  Vladimir Osipov, Artur Dideykin, Aleksandr Aleksenskii, Fedor Shakhov, Toshiaki Enoki, Masaki Ozawa, Manabu Kiguchi, Sintaro Fujii  2012-2014  Funded research  International joint research  The synthesis method toward high quality nanographene samples were established through the growth on nanodiamond surface, where oxygen-introduced graphene system was found as the promising candidate for functional materials. 
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Research Projects (Competitive Research Funds)
化学修飾にもとづくトポロジー制御によるグラフェンの新規機能性の開拓  Science research expense  基盤研究(C)  法政大学  2019/04/01-2022/03/31 
磁気的評価を用いたグラフェンおよびグラフェン誘導体の触媒活性の解明  Science research expense  基盤研究(C)  法政大学  2016/04/01-2019/03/31 
自己集積的手法による原子膜複合体の形成  Science research expense  新学術領域研究(研究領域提案型)  法政大学  2014/04/01-2016/03/01 
グラフェンにおける界面相互作用を用いた新規伝導性・反応性の探究  Science research expense  基盤研究(C)  東京工業大学, 法政大学  2013/04/01-2016/03/01  グラフェンの蜂の巣格子の位相幾何学的特徴に由来した特異の電子構造を持ち,その電子物性は端や欠陥の導入などの格子の位相幾何学的変調に大きく依存する.本研究ではこのグラフェンと異種物質との間の界面相互作用を解明することにより,新たな伝導性や反応性などの電子的機能性を示す物質設計を行うことを目的とする.今年度はグラフェン・欠陥導入グラフェン・端の割合の多いナノグラフェンと酸素・水素・銅・有機分子膜との複合系に着目して,界面相互作用の詳細およびその構造・電子物性への影響を調べた.1.グラフェンに欠陥および端部位の量を制御しながら導入し,磁場中電気伝導,Raman・X線分光による評価を行い,欠陥や端の量が増えるに従ってフェルミエネルギー付近の局在状態が増大すること,欠陥(端)構造の種類の違いによりキャリアの散乱が異なることを明らかにした.2.ナノグラフェンに酸素を導入することにより,特異な酸素スピンとエッジ状態スピンによる反強磁性ダイマーが形成し,これが低エネルギーの電磁波(マイクロ波)によっても高スピン-低スピン状態がスイッチすることを見出した.3.水素分子や有機分子など弱いファンデルワールス的相互作用しか示さないと考えらえるゲスト物質との界面においても,グラフェンとの間で電荷移動が生じることを電気伝導・Raman分光測定により示した.4.高温高圧合成によりナノグラフェン-銅ナノ粒子の複合体を合成し,磁性・磁場中電子輸送により評価を行ったところ,エッジ状態スピンと銅の伝導s電子との相互作用は非常に小さいことがわかった. 
Physical chemistry of nanographene edges:edge states and their electronic and magnetic functions  Science research expense  特別推進研究  東京工業大学  2008/06/04-2013/03/04  The electronic structure of nanographene crucially depends on the edge geometry. This is a consequence of the boundary condition of the massless Dirac fermion in physics, while it can be understood on the basis of aromaticity in chemistry. We investigated the role of edge geometry in the electronic structure using STM/STS, AFM, Raman scattering, NEXAFS and magnetic and transport investigations. It is found that nonbonding edge state, which is sensitive to edge chemistry details, is created in the zigzag edges, while electron wave interference contributing to the electronic stability takes place in the armchair edges. 
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「高熱伝導材料の開発」  2章"グラフェンおよび炭素材料の熱物性"  技術情報協会  2019/07/31  978-4-86104-754-1 
産業応用を目指した無機・有新材料創製のため構造解析技術  米澤徹、陣内浩司(監修)  "4章走査プローブ顕微鏡によるグラファイトグラフェンの解析"  シーエムシー出版  2015/08/12  978-4781310701 
「ナノ炭素材料:基礎と応用」  尾上 順, 大澤映二, 松尾 豊, 高井和之, 榎 敏明, 石橋幸治, 本間芳和  4章"グラフェン"  近代科学社  2012/06/27  978-4764950252 
Carbon-based magnetism  F. Palacio and T. Makarova (ed.)  "Unconventional magnetic properties of nanographite",  Elsevier, Amsterdam  2006/03/16  978-0-444-51947-4 
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Research paper (scientific journal)  Joint  Intrinsic infrared absorption for carbon-fluorine bonding in fluorinated Nanodiamond  V. Osipov, N. Romanov, K. Kogane, H. Touhara, Y. Hattori, K. Takai  Mendeleev Commun.  30, 1-4  2020 
Research paper (scientific journal)  Joint  Non-chelate noncovalent bonding of copper atoms on the nitrogen containing sites of hydrogenated diamond surface  V. Osipov, D. Boukhvalov, K. Takai  Mendeleev Comm.  29/ 4, 452-454  2019  10.1016/j.mencom.2019.07.033 
Research paper (scientific journal)  Joint  Nitrogen impurities and fluorescent nitrogen-vacancy centers in detonation nanodiamonds: identification and distinct features  V. Yu. Osipov, S. Abbasi Zargaleh, F. Treussart, K. Takai, N. M. Romanov, F. M. Shakhov, and A. Baldycheva  J. Opt. Technology  86, 1-8  2019  10.1364/JOT.86.000001 
Research paper (scientific journal)  Joint  Highly intensive emission of the NV- centers in synthetic HPHT microdiamonds at low nitrogen doping  K. V. Bogdanov, M. V. Zhukovskaya, V. Yu. Osipov, E. V. Ushakova, M. A. Baranov, K. Takai, A. Rampersaud, and A. V. Baranov  APL Materials  6, 086104  2018  10.1063/1.5045535 
Research paper (scientific journal)  Joint  Dry Microwave Heating Enables Scalable Fabrication of Pristine Holey Graphene Nanoplatelets and Their Catalysis in Reductive Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactions  K. Savaram, M. Li, K. Tajima, K. Takai, T. Hayashi, G. Hall, E. Garfunkel, V. Osipov, and H. He  Carbon  139, 861-871  2018  10.1016/j.carbon.2018.07.047 
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Research presentations
Oral presentation(invited, special)  Chemical modifications and reactions on 2D materials in terms of electronic properties  The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science meeting  2019/10/30 
Oral presentation(keynote)  Interactions at the Interfaces of Graphene (Keynote)  45th The Carbon Society of Japan  2018/12/07 
Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others  Interface Interactions in Graphene  ナノカーボンワークショップ2018  2018/08/31 
Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others  Electric and Thermal Transport of Graphene as a model for Carbon Materials  The Carbon Society of Japan January Seminar  2018/01/26 
Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others  Electronic and Thermal Conductance of Graphene as fundamental structure of Carbon Materials  炭素材料学会10月セミナー基礎講座  2018/01/26  URL 
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Intellectual property rights
Patent  アルカン脱水素触媒、及びこれを用いる水素製造方法  2019-135780  2019/07/24 
Patent  自己触媒能を有する炭素系水素貯蔵材料、その製造方法、その化合物を用いる水素の吸蔵方法及び水素の放出方法、及び水素吸蔵用デバイス  2016-169558  2016/08/31 
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The Carbon Society of Japan Best Paper Award  Formation mechanism of zeolite-templated carbons  2018/12 
The Carbon Society of Japan Award  The research on the Electronic Properties of Graphene by Topological and Chemical modification  2012/11 
Challenging Research Award of Tokyo Institute of Technology  Development of new functional materials by using Graphene Host-Guest systems  2012/09 
Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan  Tuning Electronic Properties of Graphene by Chemical modification of Edges  2010/03 
Nakamura Award of Tejima Foundation  Magnetic Potassium Clusters in a Nanographite Host System  2008/02 
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Alloted class
Introduction of Applied Chemisty 
Molecular Spectroscopy 
Physical Chemistry II 
Material Design Chemisty 
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Textbooks and teaching materials
理工系大学 基礎化学実験 (講談社サイエンティフィク)  2008/11 
プロフェッショナル英和辞典スペッドテラ(物質・工学編)  2004/07 
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Memberships of academic societies
The Physical Society of Japan  1998/06-Present 
The Chemical Society of Japan  2005/03-Present 
The Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Graphene Research Society  2003/01-Present 
The Carbon Society of Japan  2009/01-Present 
The Japan Society of Applied Physics  2010/01-Present 
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Committee Career
The Carbon society of Japan  Co Editor in Chief of Journal of the Carbon Society of Japan  2017/04/01-Present 
The Carbon Society of Japan  Editorial board member of Journal of the Carbon Society of Japan  2009/01-2017/03/31 
The Physical Society of Japan  Division Committee member  2008/05/01-2009/04/30 
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