IMAI Heide 
イマイ ハイデ 
Heide IMAI 



Hosei University  Faculty of Global Interdisciplinary Studies  Visiting Associate Professor  2017/04/01-現在 
助教、法政大学・グローバル教養学部  2013/04/01-2017/03/31 
研究者、非常勤講師、エディタ、慶應義塾大学・理工学部・ステムデザイン工学科  2009/11/01-現在 
非常勤教授、国際基督教大学・社会学・人類学部  2012/09/01-2013/03/31 
外国人特別研究員、法政大学・デザイン工学部  2009/11/15-2012/05/31 
客員講師、慶應義塾大学・理工学部・ステムデザイン工学科  2009/11/30-2012/05/30 
教師、HTWKライプチヒ・建築学部  2010/05/01-2011/05/30 
客員研究員、法政大学・デザイン工学部  2007/05/01-2007/12/31 
研究助手・マンチェスターメトロポリタン大学・建築学部  2005/09/01-2006/03/31 
客員研究員、研究員、インストラクター、京都大学・建築学部  2006/06/22-2006/08/31 
非常勤講師、オックスフォード·ブルックス大学・建築学部  2004/11/01-2005/06/30 
建築家、デルフト、オランダ、  2002/04/01-2004/06/30 
非常勤講師、HTWKライプチヒ・建築学部  1999/03/15-2001/06/30 

マンチェスターメトロポリタン大学、MIRIAD、  アートとデザインの研究とイノベーションのマンチェスター研究所  都市社会学  博士後期  2009/11/15  修了  イギリス 
オックスフォード·ブルックス大学、建築学部  建築学部  建築と文化研究  博士前期  2005/08/31  修了  イギリス 
HTWKライプチヒ、建築·工学研究科  建築·工学研究科  建築、都市計画  博士前期  2002/03/31  修了  ドイツ 

博士、都市社会学  マンチェスターメトロポリタン大学  2009/11/15 
Master of Arts, 建築と文化研究  オックスフォード·ブルックス大学  2005/08/31 
Dipl.Ing.Architect.  HTWKライプチヒ  2002/03/31 

建築家向けライセンス  2002/03/31 

Critical and Resilient Urbanism 

Urban Resistance and Resilience, Community Development and the future of Vernacular Landscapes in Global Cities 

•• Imai, H. and M. Gibert (Eds.) (2019, forthcoming) Asian Alleyways: an Urban Vernacular in Times of Globalization (Amsterdam University Press),  Heide Imai Marie Gibert-Flutre  Amsterdam University Press  2019 
• Imai, H. (2017) Tokyo Roji - The Diversity and Versatility of Alleys in a City in Transition, Routledge,  今井ハイデ  Routledge  2017/11/27  978-1138949102  The Japanese urban alleyway, which was once part of people’s personal spatial sphere and everyday life has been transformed by diverse and competing interests. Marginalised through the emergence of new forms of housing and public spaces, re-appropriated by different fields, and re-invented by the contemporary urban design discourse, the social meaning attached to the roji is being re-interpreted by individuals, subcultures and new social movements. The book will introduce and discuss examples of urban practices which take place within the dynamic urban landscape of contemporary Tokyo to portray the life cycle of an urban form being rediscovered, commodified and lost as physical space. 

研究論文(学術雑誌)  • Imai, H. (2017) Between Urban Poetics, Politics and Creativity - Urban Commons and Ordinary Places, GIS Journal, forthcoming, Volume 1, pp.117-24.  2017 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  Imai, H. (2017) Back to the City - Sustainability and Creativity as a new Approach to revive the City from Inside, in Bremm, D. and L. Curtright (Eds) Sustainability and the City: Urban Poetics and Politics  2017 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  • Imai, H. (2016) Situated Urban Rituals - Rethinking the meaning and practice of micro culture in cities in East Asia and Japan, GIS Journal, forthcoming, Volume 1, pp.41-86.  2016 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  • Imai, H. (2015) Preserving Tokyo’s Alleyways: from marginal to neighbourhood place?, GIS Journal, forthcoming, Volume 1, pp.1-18  2015 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  • Imai, H. (2013) The Liminal Nature of Alleyways: Understanding the Alleyway Roji as a ‘Boundary’ between Past and Present, Journal Cities, Special Issue on Urban Borderlands, October 2013, 58–66.  2013 

口頭発表(一般)  Lecture Tokyo's Rojis, DAAD Butterbrot und Bier, DAAD Wissenschaftlicher Gespraechskreis,  2016/10 
口頭発表(一般)  Paper Presentation Social Tokyo Roji - Alleyways between Conflict and Cultural Innovation,  , Conference Lanes and Neighbourhoods in Cities in Asia, Asian Urbanisms Cluster at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore.  2016/06 
口頭発表(一般)  Paper Presentation Ordinary Scapes - taking back Streets, Alleys and other Everyday Niches  RE-DO Conference On Sustainability and Culture’s Role in Sustainable Futures, Aarhus, Denmark.  2015/10 
口頭発表(一般)  Paper Presentation, Whose right to stay? - Commercial and Residential Gentrification in the Case of traditional Neighbourhoods in Japan and Korea  Conference 2015, The Ideal City - between Myth and Reality, Italy.  2015/08 
口頭発表(一般)  Paper Presentation Insurgent Space in Tokyo? - Mobilizing Social Media for Urban Resilience and Situational Awareness to get back into public space,  Conference 2015, The Ideal City - between Myth and Reality, Italy.  2015/08 

Urban Society 
Cultural Geography 
Modern Olympic Movement 
Tokyo Tales - Discovering the hidden city 
Sociology of Disaster 

Association of Japanese Geographers, AJG,  2011/01/01-現在 
Research Committee 21 on Sociology of Urban and Regional Development of the International Sociological Association  2011/01/01-現在 
Architecture Humanities Research Association, AHRA  2009/01/01-現在 
European Association of Japanese Studies, EAJS  2008/01/01-現在 
JSPS, Japan Foundation, DAAD Alumni,  2006/01/01-現在