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東京工業大学工学部研究生  1985/07/01-1987/03/31 
東京工業大学工学部一般教養等図学講座・技術補佐員  1987/04/01-1990/03/31 
(株)アトリエ・プロ(八木幸二設計事務所)所員(建築設計担当)  1990/04/01-1991/04/30 
東京工業大学工学部研究生  1990/04/01-1997/03/31 
専門学校東京テクニカルカレッジ建築科および建築研究科講師  1991/04/01-1997/03/31 
法政大学工学部専任講師  1997/04/01-1998/03/30 
法政大学工学部助教授  1998/04/01-2002/03/31 
琉球大学工学部講師  2001/12/01-2002/03/31 
法政大学工学部教授(現在に至る)  2002/04/01-Present 
イリノイ大学芸術学部建築学科客員研究員  2005/04/01-2006/03/31 

Academic background
東京工業大学工学部建築学科卒業  1983/03 
東京工業大学大学院理工学研究科建築学専攻修士課程修了(工学修士)  1985/06 

Academic degrees
Doctor of Engineering  Tokyo Institute of Technology  1997/03 

Research Areas
City Planning/Architectural Planning 

Achievements of funded, joint or endowed research
歴史的住環境の「再生・活用」のためのデザインコードの研究/アジア諸国における類型的比較  八木幸二  分担者全5名  2002-2002  Joint research  Domestic joint research within Japan 
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映画への旅 — 古代エジプトへ  安藤直見  販売: Amazon Services International, Inc.  2019/04  URL 
建築のしくみ:住吉の長屋/サヴォワ邸/ファンズワース邸/白の家  安藤直見・柴田晃宏・比護結子  全255頁  丸善  2008/04  図面,模型,CG(コンピュータ・グラフィックス)を駆使して,20世紀を代表する建築である4つの住宅(住吉の長屋,サヴォワ邸,ファンズワース邸,白の家)の構成を解析し,さまざまな構造形式によって生み出される美しい空間・形態の建築のしくみについて述べている。 
ペデストリアンデッキ データブック 2006  安藤直見, 松波勝也, 高橋広樹, 船岡敦司  法政大学学術機関リポジトリ  2007/03 
世界の建築まるごと事典  日本実業出版社  2000/10  世界の建築の歴史・特徴を写真、図面を交えて分かりやすく紹介した一般書。 全261頁を統括 共著者:茶谷正洋、安藤直見、山畑信博、森泉麻美子、桜澤いずみ 
(翻訳) 巨匠たちのディテール Vol.1&2 原書:The Detail of Modern Architecture Vol.1-2 原著者:Edward R.Ford  丸善  1999/03  1800年代後半から現代までの著名な建築のディテールを解き明かしている。 全850頁中、Vol.2の第2章「エリエル・サーリネン-デトロイト時代:1926-1940」(23~49頁)の翻訳を担当 共訳者:八木幸二、安藤直見 他25名 
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Research paper (scientific journal)  Joint  Teaching of Geometric Surfaces for Architectural Students at the Faculty of Engineering and Design, of Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan  Sonja Krasić, Naomi Ando, Petar Pejić, Zlata Tošić  FME TRANSACTIONS  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade.  47/ 2, 293-298  2019  2406-128X  10.5937/fmet1902293K  URL  The free-form objects are in expansion in the architecture of the 21st century, especially in high developed countries as Japan. Design and performing of free-form objects prefers knowledge of parametric modeling in softwares such as Rhinoceros. Before designing free-form objects, it is necessary to obtain knowledge of geometric surfaces and their use in architectural practice. This was also noticed by the Faculty of Engineering аnd Design, Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan. Subject Geometric Surfaces was introduced to give students a high-quality knowledge in this field, that they can apply for more creative designing of their architectural objects, which will be shown in this paper. 
Research paper (scientific journal)  Joint  Geometry and Construction Optimization: An example using Felix Candela’s Church of St. Joseph the Craftsman in Mexico  Zlata Tošić, Sonja Krasić, Naomi Ando, Milos Milić  Nexus Network Journal  Springer  2019/02/06  1590-5896  10.1007/s00004-018-00424-1  URL  This paper presents a contemporary architectural working method that encompasses digitalization and parameterization of existing buildings and optimization of new buildings designed with ruled surfaces. The method uses parametric modeling and computational structural analysis in order to simplify contemporary building processes. As an example of the application of these techniques, in this paper they are applied to Felix Candela’s Church of St. Joseph the Craftsman, a design which features hyperbolic paraboloids that are considered difcult to design, calculate and build. The optimization method introduced in this paper seeks to explore diferent possibilities for designing and modifying buildings designed using non-standard geometry allowing them to be built out of simplifed elements but also keep construction and visual properties of their shape. This method is also useful for students and young engineers to expand their skills in structural analysis, parametric modeling and optimization methods with contemporary tools. 
Research paper (international conference proceedings)  Joint  COMPOSITION AND DECONSTRUCTION OF SPACES DEPICTED IN SHINJI SOMAI'S FILMS  Naomi Ando, Motoharu Taneda, Shota Ishii and Nobuhiro Yamahata  Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics  Springer International Publishing AG  2018/08  2194-5357  This paper is a study on the spatial representations depicted in the films di-rected by Japanese filmmaker Shinji Somai (1948-2001), who often used long takes. Through these long takes, spaces are rigorously constructed to integrate several elements into the scenes with the prolonged performances of the actors in one shot. However, at the same time, spatial complexity and contradiction, which may be regarded as chaos, often appear. In this study, we examine the spatial expressions of the Somai’s films through quantita-tive and figurative analyses. We also consider the analogy between the spaces of films and architecture from the viewpoint of architectural design, which is the author's specialty. 
Research paper (international conference proceedings)  Joint  Form Analysis of Lego Architecture  Hiromitsu Shimizu, Hiroki Dakiyama, Naomi Ando, Shota Ishii  Conference Proceedings MonGeometrija 2018  293-300  2018/06  The LEGO System, which features the interlocking plastic bricks through which one can build various forms, has an advantage of expressing the characteristics of architectural forms with simplicity. In this study, LEGO models of architecture were created to analyze their architectural forms. 
Research paper (international conference proceedings)  Single  Forms and Spaces of Ancient Asian Architecture: Images of Ancient Japanese and Chinese Architecture Depicted in Movies  Naomi Ando  Conference Proceedings MonGeometrija 2018  237-244  2018/06  Architecture is depicted in several movies as part of expression or as backgrounds. This paper discusses the method of image interpretation of cinematographic architecture, and presents the educational material to learn the characteristics of architecture through the movies. Since it was constructed by wood, most of the Asian (Japan and China) architecture was burnt or destroyed; only a few foundations and grottos of ancient structures could be excavated. Although ancient Japanese and Chinese architecture no longer exist, there are some commercial movies that depict ancient architecture. This study investigates the forms and spaces of ancient Asian architecture depicted in movies in order to clarify the characteristics of their images. 
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Research presentations
Oral presentation(general)  Forms of the Pedestrian Decks in Tokyo Metropolitan Area  Visualising the City  2017/08  The objective of this study is to visualize forms of “Pedestrian Decks”. In Japan, especially in Tokyo metropolitan area, railway networks are highly developed. As many people use the railway stations, commercial facilities, public facilities, collective housings, etc., have been built adjacent to them. In front of the stations, where bus terminals and taxi stands exist, elevated pedestrian walkways called “Pedestrian Decks” are often built to organize the traffic flow and to connect adjacent facilities. The pedestrian decks are floated from existing towns and have certain domains. On the pedestrian decks, various activities occur and events such as festivals are often held. From that point of view, the pedestrian decks are considered to be urban plazas. However, as the pedestrian decks are often built, along with redevelopments, by sewing the gaps between existing town, in most of cases, their plane shapes are unlike with European plazas; their plane shapes are linear and complicated. Their shapes may not be aesthetic, but those forms are considered to be an aspect of contemporary cityscapes. 
Oral presentation(general)  Football Stadium as Pride of Place  Global Studies: Business, Economic, Social and Cultural Aspects Abstracts  2016/12  Local cities in Europe are considered to have townscapes with individuality, each with their own characteristics. On the other hand, in Japan, the depopulation and the degeneration of rural areas are serious issues. Currently, local regeneration has come to an important social issue. This study analyzes and compares Japanese and European football cultures, through the data of their games, and the map data of stadiums. The amount of empty space in the surrounding areas of Japanese stadiums can be made clear through the analysis of map data. This investigation considers large amounts of empty space to be opportunities for development, and considers the development in the surrounding areas of stadiums from the perspective of construction planning. Other than combining with commercial facilities, a great range of possibilities can be found in such instances and combining stadiums with sports parks and other sports-related facilities. 
Poster presentation  Study on Transitional Space in Housing Complex  Asian Forum on Graphic Science  2013/08 
Poster presentation  Study on Form Composition of Theater Spaces  Asian Forum on Graphic Science  2013/08 
Poster presentation  Pedestrian Decks as Plazas: Tokyo – Shanghai  Asian Forum on Graphic Science  2013/08 
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Artistic Activity, Architectural Works, etc.
Artistic Activity  Only  Design by Spheres  2017/08/06-2017/08/10  Spheres, with centripetal spaces inside, have been used as a motif in various architectural designs, from the Pantheon (ancient Roman architecture) to modern architecture. “Design by Spheres – A Project for Museum” is a prototype of a small museum. A total of 12 spheres of varied diameters from 3.2 m to 16 m were arranged inside a volume space that was 24 m wide, 12 m deep, and 12 m high. Dynamic spaces with spatial fluctuations were realized by the algorithm to generate spheres with random diameters in random positions. Individual functions, such as an entrance hall, a lobby, exhibition halls, a terrace, and storages, were given to each sphere, and architectural elements such as stairways and floors were added, as shown is Figure 1. The structure of this museum was assumed to be constructed with reinforced concrete shells of 20 cm to 40 cm thick. 
Architectural Works  Only  黒門町の街並みと小さな広場  2017/05-Present 
Architectural Works  Only  デュアルコアハウス/二子新地の家  2013-Present 
Artistic Activity  Joint  Bamboo Grove  2009-Present 
Artistic Activity  Joint  Design by Boxes  2009-Present 
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教育論文賞  映画に描かれた古代エジプト建築/建築の量塊的イメージ  2018/05/12 
GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013  2013/09  建築設計作品 
日本図学会優秀研究発表賞(2009年)  2010/08/05  論文名「タイムテーブル法を用いた映像空間サーベイ」 
日本図学会優秀研究発表賞(2008年)  2008/11/29  論文名「Design by Lines 2/図形の自動記述のための学習教材の開発」 
建築文化懸賞論文「下出賞」(1990年)  1990/01  論文名「オートマチック・ロックンロール」 
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